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Our Mission & Vision

Our business endeavors center around bringing order and leadership to every industry we enter. 

We strive to strike a balance between creating long-lasting value for our customers while maximizing compensation to our stakeholders, employees and affiliates.

 We never settle on what has been done, but rather start all of our efforts with how things should be

It's this focus, combined with our extreme empathy for our target market's plight, that we find meaning and pleasure in all of our business ventures. 

Why Business?

Business is the sprocket that turns the wheel of the capitalist economy. Without capitalism, so goes business and a functional economy. 

We believe business is the only self-sustaining system that forces people to be altruistic.

We know in a healthy market that dollars equal votes for the best offering, and so the better company should always prevail according to the needs and demands of its customers.  

Because of this, we are humbled to be able to provide unique solutions to difficult problems the market is faced with. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you serve?

Currently the Steffen Family has 3 privately held companies:

  • 1 marketing agency that serves domestic companies with traditional and online advertising services
  • 2 manufacturing plants: One that develops textiles and the other manufactures tie rod adjusting sleeves for automobiles made in the United States and South Korea


What is the Steffen Family's Net Worth?

As of Q4 2019, the Steffen Family holds $1,392,801 in assets made up of cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. 

As of Q4 2019, the Steffen Family has a majority stake in 8 privately held companies.

As of Q4 2019, the Steffen Family has a minority stake in 3 privately held Inc. 5000 companies. 


Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for conscientious and intelligent laborers and creatives.

If you would like to work for one of our enterprises, please click here to apply. 

What is the Steffen Family’s views on diversification?

We have 2 views on diversification. If you are a professional and have confidence, then we would advocate lots of concentration. For everyone else, if it’s not your game, participate in total diversification. The economy will do fine over time. Make sure you don’t buy at the wrong price or the wrong time. That’s what most people should do, buy a cheap index fund, and slowly dollar cost average into it. If you try to be just a little bit smart, spending an hour a week investing, you’re liable to be really dumb.

What is the Steffen Family's business ethics?

We believe in a utilitarian system that places the good of the company before the needs and desires of one particular person or entity.

We have seen how favoritism and nepotism has destroyed companies, people and families, and so we hold our family to the highest standard regarding business-related input and output. 

Through this standard, we swim or sink as individuals which works to hopefully prevent the latter. 

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We are working together to create a future everyone can enjoy.