We Change Lives

Embedded in our blood is a joy that comes from giving

gaudium de dante

"Joy from Giving"

Why Charity?

Charity is not a job that pays you to take care of others, and it's not a pipeline for entrance to a better school or a recipe for enticing a new mate.

It's a path toward personal righteousness.

While certain religious groups believe the pathway to forgiveness can be granted by confession, we believe true atonement comes from adding goodness into the world where you have decreased it. 

We are deeply aware that we are human, and being human means transgression. Through charity we right what we have done wrong and bring ourselves back into positive accounting with all of humanity. 

While we do not directly conduct charity for gain, we do not, however, humbly go about our charity as the horn that is silent is the one that does not bring music to the world. 

Maverick Steffen at his first annual toy drive for foster kids for his special interest group: Fun for Fosters.

Maverick Steffen, and supporters, after developing and executing Jeremy Kane Benefit Run which was active for 5 years and raised over $95,000 for veterans' scholarships.

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