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Left Wing Politics

Left wing members of The Steffen Family advocate for those that are unable or unwilling to participate in nature's dominance hierarchy.

Every system must represent those who find difficulty in conforming to the methodologies of advancement that may make them feel disgusted and/or disrespected.

The challenge of Steffens who are left leaning is to find innovative solutions toward aligning the abilities of the hierarchy's displaced with the goals of mankind as a whole. 

From this alignment, our displaced brothers and sisters may find meaning and reward participating within our system, and contributing to its success. 

Because we are constantly finding a place for people within our hierarchy structure is why we listen to our right-leaning friends, even when we think they are wrong. 

Right Wing Politics

Right wing members of The Steffen Family strive to uphold the virtues of hard work, competition and fair play within every aspect of the American system. 

We understand that the fruits of competition is new innovation, increased value, decreased waste and the elimination of cheating. 

While mankind will always struggle toward righteousness and honesty over laziness and corruption, a well-balanced government safe-guarded by the people, will ensure the worst in mankind does not triumph over the best.

We believe in the equality of opportunity, and not of outcome. This is why we abhor entitlement, and loathe its benefactors. 

Nevertheless we know there is always an opening for new ideas, value and paths forward which is why we listen to the left wing, even when we think they are wrong. 

What do you Believe?

Please be aware that you have gut reactions that may deviate from facts, evidence or even your own rationale. 

These gut feelings make you feel affection or disgust for something the second you are exposed to it. 

Fear not as these reactions help balance our world by diversifying our thoughts, feelings and solutions. 

However, it is critical you dedicate equal time to understanding why your beliefs are right, and wrong. 

Tonight, please write down 2 political beliefs you strongly hold, and try to see the holes in your own arguments.

Don't worry, your reputation is not on the line as this is your own private exercise -- it's okay to be wrong sometimes even about deeply held beliefs!

After all, sometimes we have to be wrong in order to be right. 

When you're done, compliment yourself for being so pragmatic and emphatic of other people's views. 

If you continually refuse to do this exercise regarding any of your beliefs, rest assured that you are part of the problem. 

Family patriarch Maverick Steffen discussing Camden's homeless population with Congressman Andrews (NJ-1).

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